The deadline for this month's AutismCares cycle is December 22.
The applicants from the October cycle will be notified by December 1.

FAQ Information
2014 Partners

   Autism Speaks
   Lisa Higgins Foundation

AutismCares Provides Grants for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders During Times of Crisis or Unplanned Hardships

Financial Support Awards
Financial Support Awards provide financial relief up to $1,000 for individuals with ASD and their families to help cover costs associated with critical living expenses such as housing, utilities, car repair, funeral expenses, and other essential items on a case-by-case basis.

Eligible Applicants
Individuals medically diagnosed with ASD and their family members who have experienced at least one of the following qualifying events in the last 90 days are eligibly to apply:
- Natural disaster: fire, flood, hurricane, tornado, severe storm or earthquake
- Death or critical illness in the immediate family
- Loss of home through foreclosure, eviction or natural disaster
- Termination of employment for the primary income-earner
Online Application

Applications must be submitted online. Financial Support Awards are granted on a monthly basis, applications must be submitted by the 22nd of each month to be considered for a grant in that month. Applications received after the 22nd will be reviewed the following month. The maximum Financial Support Award per family is $1000. Click here to apply.
Review Committee
The Review Committee reviews monthly applications and selects a limited number of applicants to receive a financial support award. The committee is made up of representatives from autism organization, foundations and other agencies. All applications are confidential during the review process.

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